The Tool Shed

is CRAFTS' member publication, with four issues each year.
Featured Articles:
"New Jersey Plane Makers" by Bob Garay (June 2012)
"The Lufkin Rule Company Takes on Stanley…Really?" by Stew May (June 2022)
"The Plumb Bob" by Hank Allen (Feb. '94)
"The Planemakers Float" by Donald Kahn (April 1994)
"Collecting Levels" by Don Rosebrook (Feb '95)
"British Tools - Part 1" by Peter Habicht (April '95)
"Collecting Saw Sets" by Todd Friberg (Sept. '95)
"Froes" by Hank Allen (February '96)
"Kean Kuttin's: Hidden Simplicity" by Herb Kean (February '96)
"Chronic Collectomania" by Al Bates (April '96)
"The Primitive Wooden Brace" by Ron Pearson (Sept '96)
"Bevels" by Donald B. Johnstone (Nov. '96)
"Tri-Square & Bevel Combinations" by Donald B. Johnstone (April '97)
"Spokeshaves & Similar Tools" by Tom Lamond (Nov. '97)
"Why I Have Nine Carpenter's Gauges" by Hank Allen (Sept. '98)
"Thompson Bevel Mysteries" by Bob Nelson (Nov. '98)
"Three-Arm Plows" by Herb Kean (June '99)
"Early, Small Woodworking Saws" by Hank Allen (April '00)
"Chuck It - Eighteenth-Century Metal Bit Braces" by Jay Gaynor (June '00)
"My Favorite 19th Century American Metallic Planes" by John Wells (Sept '00)
"The Belt & Suspenders Plane" by Herb Kean (June '01)
"Thomas Falconer's Plow Plane" by Steve Johnson (Sept. '01)
"Maine Log Measuring Tools" by Dale Butterworth & Bob Garay (Nov. '01)
"Gravity Inclinometers" by Jim Gehring (Feb. '02)
"Spirit Level Inclinometers" by Jim Gehring (April '02)
"Jim Leamy-Planemaker" by Bob Garay (June '02)
"D.R. Barton Plow Planes" by Vince Barababba (Sept. '02)
"Stanley Torpedo Levels" by Walter Jacob (Feb. '03)
"Spill Planes" by Herb Kean (June '03)
"Kean Kuttins" by Herb Kean (June '03)
"My Finest Brace" by Herb Kean (Feb 05)
"The Wimble Brace" by Hank Allen (Dec 2008)
"Trade Axes & Tomahawks" by Mark Miller (March 2009)
"Iron And Steel In Tools" by Jack Whelan (June 2009)

Other features in most issues include news of the tool market, profiles of tool dealers, reviews of recently-published books, notes about how members display their tools, and identification of "Whatsits" (tools of unknown purpose). Each issue is 12 to 16 pages.

The best articles on antique tool collecting from CRAFTS
Published in 1996 this is a collection of articles from the Tool Shed, the official publication of CRAFTS of NJ from 1978-1995. All articles were written by members of the club, many of which have written authoritative books on tools or tool collecting. The book is no longer in print -- you might find it offered by a vintage tool seller or listed on eBay.